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21 Jan
PES 3rd Anniversary Annual Dinner cum Installation Night
PES 3rd Anniversary Annual Dinner was held at Putera Theatre Ballroom, Tun Fuad Park Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu. Ir. Shamsuriee bin Sulaiman, Director of JBE & G was present at the night asa the Guest of Honour. The installation ceremony of the newly elected committee members for the year 2000-2001 was held as the highlight of the dinner and jointly celebrated with over 1,000 members and guests. The Organizing Chairman for this event was Mr. Wong Kak Leong.

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3 May
Trade Visit to Kuala Lumpur
Trade & Investment Sub-Committee organized a trip to Kuala Lumpur to visit the Tenaga 2000 Expo held at the MINES and certain manufacturing factories. This trip was participated by 18 members. Among the factories visited by the PES are:
• OYL Industries S/B
• LKE Electric (M) S/B
• Malaysia Transformer Manufacturing S/B
• Industri Technologu Mikro S/B
• Safer Asia S/B
The Organizing Chairman for this event was Mr. Wong Hon Men.

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26 Aug
Recreation and Education Program & Moon Cake Festival at Karambunai
The Recreation and Education Sub-Committee organized a family trip to Karambunai Nexus Resort in conjunction with the moon cake festival and Leadership Training conducted by our Technical Advisor, Ir. Yan Ngai Nen. PES also arranged a moon cake party and golf game for the total participants of 96 members and their family. The traning and golf's Organizing Chairman was Ir. Shim Siong Lit where as Mr. Foh Ying Foh was the Organizing Charmain for the moon cake party and games.

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24 Oct
Campaigns and Talks, Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik & Gas
Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik & Gas (JBEG) and PES jointly organized a "Kempen dan Ceramah Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik Malaysia Tahun 2000" at Mini Theatre SESB, WIsma SESB, Kota Kinabalu. This campaign was participated by 65 persons from the government departments, PES members, local M&E consultants and other individuals. For this event, Ir. Shim Siong Lit was the PES Organizing Chairman.

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